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PQ data

This is the name given to the information on a CD which tells the player where the tracks start and end, how long they are, what the elapsed time is and so on. The name comes from the technical label given to their position in the digital signal.


International Standards Resource Comittee Codes - these provide a unique way of identifying each track on a CD. They are included in the data-stream with the audio ( note they are not audible ), and are typically used by radio broadcasters to automatically identify music to help with royalty payments etc. They also offer a rudimentary form of watermarking, although they are straightforward to remove when copying.

Glass Master

You may be wondering "how many masters do I need ?" - the studio gave you one master, then SRT mastered that for you to produce a DDP or Umatic master - and now the plant are making a glass master ... the glass master is

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