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What is High End Mastering?

High End Mastering is a process in which a verified and error checked Production Master is created. Normally the Source Master is first loaded to Hard Disc where individual tracks are checked for compatibility in terms of level and EQ balance. The sophisticated equipment we have available allows us to make adjustments to the level, EQ, dynamics, gaps and fades - any aspect of your project - adjustments which can be so subtle they are scarcely audible, or so radical as to transform the sound almost beyond recognition. Our experienced engineers can use their editing and musical skills to improve your audio if need be, whether it's removing noises like vocal 'plosives' or clicks, radical editing like changing the structure of a track for radio play, or reworking a start or ending. Individual tracks are topped and tailed to digital silence, then the program is PQ encoded and output from a computer playlist to a final Production Master. We also offer an exceptionally critical Monitoring set up in all studios, balanced down to 20Hz to give a true reproduction of the final audio. The final Production Master format is Exabyte data tape with a DDP file to drive the glass mastering machine at double speed. The use in high end Mastering Studios of high resolution DSP processing etc., hard disc editing and formats such as HDCD has made the standard of CD higher. Without doubt the Mastering process combined with the skills of our highly trained engineers, can make very considerable improvements to the majority of tapes in the final transfer.

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