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What Source Format Should I Provide?

If you are coming to us for full mastering we can work from almost any format , digital or analogue. At the moment the most common format is 16 bit / 44.1 KHz CD-R or DAT. But as more and more people are recording and mixing at higher resolutions, data files (WAV, AIFF etc.) are the preferable format. We can also work from exabyte DDP, Umatic PCM 1630, 20 bit digital reel to reel or Mini Disc if need be. If you are re-mastering, restoring or have mixed to analogue and your sources have not yet been converted to digital, we can do it here. We have a variety of high quality analogue equipment for 1/4" and 1/2" reels, vinyl and cassette, along with 24 bit A/D converters. Other less common formats can be supplied to us (speak to your sales representative). We would prefer to receive all sources at least one day before the mastering session to check and load to hard disc - especially digital audio that has a sample rate other than 44.1 KHz (due to conversion time) or compilations from a variety of sources (due to loading time). Whatever the format, full technical details should be provided with the source plus a time sheet with total running length and track order. The recommended length for a CD program is 74 minutes although it is possible to extend this to 78 (with the signing of a disclaimer as some machines may encounter problems in playback)

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